Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Needs must…

When the Devil drives. Or in this case, Winter Stoppages drive.
We moved from Colmere to the top of Grindley Brook Locks today. Even the most optimistic of people would agree that it was not ideal cruising weather for a 4½ hour trip, wet and very windy at times.
We could have left yesterday, splitting the trip into two, and only having a couple of difficult hours, but we chose to stay moored alongside NB Wilvir at Colemere, and we had a good night with Bill, Ginny and Gunner.
Ginny brought dinner around, then later we provided the snacks as we chatted, played Scrabble watched a bit of TV and waited for midnight. The fireworks over the Thames finished, we had another game of Scrabble, finally turning in at 2:30. Not like us at all!

I was up with the sun this morning, dog walked, fire lit, boat tidied and we were ready to go at 10:00.

Leaving Colemere, in Wilvir’s windows, Bill…SAM_7711

…and GinnySAM_7712
Cheers guys, see you later in the year.

It was a a wet and blustery trip, particularly bad on the exposed Hampton Bank, so I didn’t get many photos, Anyway, you’ve seen them all before!

Rather than get my pork pie wet and my tea diluted we stopped for lunch near Whixall Moss, and it did brighten up for a short while afterwards. But it’s chucking it down again now.

Grey day with a touch of lightness on the horizon. A promise that wasn’t kept…

We had no locks to do today, just 5 lift bridges so Mags was able to spend most of the trip in the cabin. I did tell her I could do the bridges but she insisted in helping, bless her. She’s feeling a bit fragile today, not alcohol I hasten to add, just the late night (early morning!) has taken it out of her. A good night’s sleep tonight will set her up.

We arrived at the top of Grindley Brook locks at around 15:00, pleased to be able to climb out of wet weather gear and get a hot cup of tea.

Moored above Grindley Brook LocksSAM_7716

We’ve got visitors tomorrow to help us down the locks. The weather looks better, luckily.

Locks 0, miles 13

Oh, and I nearly forgot...

May your troubles be small and your joys huge!

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