Friday, January 24, 2014

Gloomy day from Norbury

We stayed at Norbury Junction till today, waiting for Simon to get my wood cut for my next project. You’ll still have to wait to find out what it is though.
It’s not an ideal place for a stop-over, there are some good walks for Meg but all involve mud to one degree or another, and the internet and phone reception is patchy, to be charitable.

There was one bright spot, Graham and Jill off NB Armadillo joined us for a brew yesterday afternoon, after cruising up from Gnosall.

After collecting the wood I’d ordered and watered up etc., we were on our way.

Looking back at Norbury Wharf….SAM_7945

….and forward to the C&RT maintenance yardSAM_7946

We passed NB Armadillo moored on the visitor moorings, but no-one was home.

When we arrived the other day there were but 3 boats this side of the bridge, and these filled the 5 day moorings nearest to the junction. Today there was only one decent space on the 300 yard length of 48 hour moorings.

I wonder where they all came from?SAM_7948

Leaving the junction heading south you’re on one of the high embankments for which the canal is known, and which gave the engineers such grief during construction. The steep sides kept slipping until they were finally stabilised. It might have been difficult to build, but it affords good views…

Taken Wednesday when it was brighter.

At either end of the embankment there are stop gates, used to close off the channel for maintenance, or heaven forbid, in the event of a breach.

Southern stop gate

It was only a couple of miles to Gnosall, where, as expected, the moorings were busy. SAM_7952
Not a problem, we didn’t intend to stop here anyway.

The canal exits the village through the rocky portal of Cowley Tunnel.SAM_7955
Only 81 yards long, the far end is supported by brickwork. It should have been longer but the ground on the south side is loose and unstable, so is a deep cutting instead.

We pulled in on a short length of piling we’ve used before, between bridges 31 and 30.

Mooring just around the cornerSAM_7959

It’s been damp and drizzly all day, but the last couple of pictures show the day got duller as the afternoon wore on. We’d just got tied up when the rain came on properly, and it’s been heavy since.

The forecast promises brighter but colder weather for tomorrow.

Hi Adam. Yes there’s evidence of a bit of veggie bashing on the offside here. it’s a delightful little structure.

Hi Kevin T. I think that maybe you’ve got a Travel Pack fitted, so yes, you do need to keep the revs up. We run our washer off the inverter, and only when the batteries have had 40 minutes or so of charge.

Locks 0, miles 3¾

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