Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Better weather, short trip

We only moved to below Swanley Locks today. Very little wind, a bright start and no rain (yet).

Meg’s morning walk was along the towpath, yesterday afternoon we decided on a loop around the adjacent fields and finished up paddling through ankle deep (me) and belly deep (Meg) mud on several occasions. She was not best pleased with her “bucket bath” on our return!

Everywhere you look the fields are waterlogged. It’s not surprising we’re experiencing floods all over the country, there’s nowhere for the rainwater to go except straight into the rivers.

With little need for an early start it was gone 11 by the time we moved, 25 minutes took us to the top of the two Swanley Locks. We were following another boat so had to refill the lock, but never mind.

Swanley Lock No 2SAM_7749
Clean legs, Meg!

Moored just above Swanley Bridge MarinaSAM_7750
There’s a good reason for being here….. all being well. All will be revealed!

Locks 2, miles 2

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