Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cool and grey but we’re moving on.

We seem to be doing well for the weather at the moment. Today’s blowy and showery forecast didn’t apply here; although we’ve had a couple of flurries of fine snow, it wasn’t until this evening that it actually rained properly. Probably all change for tomorrow, though.

I had a good root around the market at Penkridge yesterday, picking up some useful bargains. I got all the fresh veg, printer cartridges, and some varieties of liquorice for Mags. The tool stall provided panel adhesive, silicon sealant and some soft brushes for the current project.

This morning we were off at around half-past-ten, I emptied a loo and got rid of the rubbish while Penkridge Lock was filling.

Penkridge Lock, the services above.SAM_8054

We had a short but steady day, the locks coming regularly for the first 2 miles, then a 2 mile lock-free section to the top of Deptmore Lock, where we pulled over.

Longford Lock, with the slow-moving M6 in the distance

There are roadworks along this section of the motorway, reinforcing the embankments.

Park Gate Lock gets it’s name from one of the entrances to Teddesley Park to the east.

Looking towards Teddesley Park, Midland Chandlers on the right.SAM_8059
There are some pleasant walks through the estate, though the Georgian Hall was demolished in the 1950s.


Arriving at this, and the following, lock, we found the bottom gates open and the paddles left up. We were obviously following a lazy git, probably single-handing. Still no excuse, if you choose to boat alone, you’re still obliged to follow the “rules of the road”.

Final Lock today, Shutt HillSAM_8061

It was around noon as we left the lock, so I thought we’d pull over for a bite to eat. There was another good reason, too….
A few good lumps on the roof now. I’ll have to sharpen my saw chains, I’ve dulled all three again…
Between here and Acton Trussel there are several trees down following the gales, tidied up but needing sawing up to be manageable.

Fuel foraging has gone better than expected since we left the Llangollen Canal. I expected there to be lean pickings on these more travelled canals, but there’s still quite a bit about.

We pulled in not far above Deptmore Lock, the towpath is fairly dry here for a change.
Just watched the weather forecast, I guess I’ll be breaking out the waterproofs tomorrow, there’s a large band of rain sitting across the middle of the country on the weather map. Normally we would sit it out, but we’ve got to get through Colwich Lock, the other side of Great Haywood, before it closes for maintenance on Monday. We’ve got a mail drop to collect in the village as well.

I forgot to mention, I rang the Post Office in Great Haywood to confirm it would be OK, to be told by the very sad Post Master that the office is now shut. He sounded very down as he told me he was clearing out the last of the stock on the shelves. What a shame. The Post Office has moved to inside the Spar Shop further up the village. They were happy to accept Poste Restante, so all is not lost, but it’s still sad to see the old place go. The chap there was very helpful.

Cruising towards Deptmore Lock

Locks 4, miles 4


Jennifer said...

Hi Geoff and Margaret, enjoy following your blog from Tasmania. We (Mactra's Filia) will be back on the 'cut' early May. Hope to catch up. The weather looks like it's been fine this year, so far. Keep well. Say hello to Anne and Chas, when you see them. Jennifer and Peter

Sue Hunter said...

At least you had more luck than us with post restante at Great Haywood last week - P.O. in the Spar had no idea what I was talking about. Got post sent to Penkridge instead . SUE NB Beefur

Val Blundell said...

Please don't assume that whoever left the gates open is a singlehander as this is like assuming that all private boat owners abide by the canal rules and hirers don't which is certainly not the case as I have found on many occasions.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Val
Sorry if I've struck a nerve, but I did say "probably singlehanded". I still stand by the fact that he/she is a lazy git, though.
You're right of course. In fact some private owners are the worst culprits...