Sunday, January 19, 2014

What a fantastic day….

…..for a cruise!
We’ve only seen two other boats out today, the others just don’t know what they missed!
You don’t get many days like today, not in mid-January.

We’d planned a fairly long day so were on the move at 10 o’clock this morning. Twenty minutes and we were at the bottom of Tyrley Locks.

Leaving the moorings.

Looking back at Market Drayton

“Mornin’, Jacob”SAM_7860

I’m not going to waffle on today, I‘ll let the photos do the talking.

Approaching Tyrley LocksSAM_7866

In the flight of five
Fierce bywashes!

Sorry about the shadow…

Top Lock and Tyrley WharfSAM_7869
The chap on the right was taking his windlass for a walk. I think he’s called Mick, and he set the top two locks for us.

We pulled in at the services for water etc. (a very slow fill), then pushed off, around the corner to Woodseaves Cutting.SAM_7872

Recent rockfall, probably a result of the heavy rains

SAM_7887High Bridge across the deepest section.

The other High Bridge is the one more regularly photographed. It crosses Grub Street Cutting a bit further south and is the one with the telegraph pole stuck in it…

An unlikely place for a mooring… ah, he’s collecting firewood!SAM_7892
There’s another recent rockslide just this side…

It was cool in the cutting, but we emerged into bright, warm sunshine.


SAM_7897Even passing the long lines of permanent moorings around Goldstone and Little Soudley seemed a little less tedious in such fine weather – at least for the first 20 minutes!



I don’t know what it is, but it’s very green!SAM_7903
A completely unexpected colour this time of year…..

The blob on the branch in the middle is a buzzard…SAM_7905
…his (her?) mate was wheeling around above, calling, calling....

We moored at the far end of Shebdon Embankment, after passing Knighton Wharf, where once boats unloaded chocolate crumb from Cadbury’s in Bournville.

Knighton Wharf, now no longer working as a wharf, makes good sheltered moorings for historic boats.SAM_7907
The long straight over the embankment runs off into the distance…

Moored at the other end after a fine winter’s day cruise.

We’re taking a day off tomorrow. We’ve moved every day for the last five days! Almost unheard of, even in the summer. A bit of wood to slice and dice, all though that’s getting down, now. Not so much along here to forage. There’re more boats about looking for the stuff…

The bulk of the locks are done now, just the one at Wheaton Aston and the stop lock at Autherley before we turn north again on the Staffs and Worcester. Mags can put her feet up for a few days.

Locks 5, miles 7½

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