Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chance of showers? Just a bit!

We were away at 10 o’clock today, a fairly long day ahead but the forecast was OK, sunny periods, with a chance of showers later. Well, they were right about that!

Ready to go this morning, looking across the fields in the sunshineSAM_7960

Sunlight filtering through the trees in Rye Hill Cutting

The towpath switches to the left over Bridge 26, a classic turnover bridge which allowed the towrope to stay connected between horse and boat.

Turnover Bridge 26SAM_7961
These on the Shroppie are not as elegant as the snake bridges on the Macclesfield Canal. More functional…

It crosses the canal on a slant, and the brick courses under the arch are angled to follow the skew.
It’s a lot more visible on a stone bridge. There must be some sort of formula which tells the brickie what the variation from horizontal is required.

We pulled over for shopping in Wheaton Aston, the mooring maintaining it’s reputation for being among the boggiest on the network.

Wheaton Aston 48 hour visitor moorings
I had a pleasant surprise up in the village. Since the National Lottery went up from £1 to £2 a line, we’ve not been regular punters, but just occasionally we’ll have a ticket. Last week’s gave us three matched numbers so I took it with me to get it redeemed. You remember that three numbers gave you a tenner under the previous rules. I was delighted to find that three numbers now gives you £25! Fancy that. It paid for another Lucky Dip and the groceries! Result!

After lunch we set off again up the last lock on the Shroppie. (Last but one if you count the 3 inch rise on the stop lock at Autherley Junction).

Up Wheaton Aston Lock SAM_7973

The day was still bright at this point, but as we left the village the wind got up and ominous clouds started to build behind us.

Just across Stretton Aqueduct, the storm approaching.SAM_7977

SAM_7980Looking a bit troubling as we approach Brewood….

…rumbles of thunder and some impressive lightening chased us until suddenly…SAM_7981

Extremely painful hail!

It lasted for maybe 10 minutes, then turned to lighter rain.

Mags thought I might pull in on the Brewood moorings but they were pretty muddy too, and I was wet already so decided to push on to moor between Bridges 8 and 7 as planned.

Looking back at Brewood church

The rain has stopped now, in fact it stopped pretty well as soon as we did. Typical. We’ll take a day off cruising tomorrow, I reckon.

Locks 1, miles 9.

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Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Sorry we missed you, we were off in Stafford collecting the hire car and doing a bit of shopping. Good to have managed to have a good chin wag. Take care and have a good trip.