Saturday, January 04, 2014

Another good afternoon with visitors, and a short cruise today.

We had George and Carol come up to visit us yesterday, currently of NB Rock’n’Roll, soon to be the proud owners of WB Still Rockin’ . We’d not seen them for a while, they’re moored down in Droitwich keeping an eye on the new build.

George, Carol and little Molly
The new boat is due to be launched in Braunston in April, we intend to be down there for the big event.

It wasn’t as bad as the weather forecast predicted yesterday, at least not here although other areas have had some pretty grim wind and flooding.

Today is a fine gap before more wet and windy stuff comes in tomorrow so we decided to move on a bit. It was a grey day, brightening up a little later, but never getting warmer than about 6°. Still, that’s 26° warmer than New York! Doug and James (NB Chance) were in the Big Apple for New Year, but should have been on board Queen Mary II for the trip home before the worst hit.

Grindley Brook staircase locks fenced off ready for work to commenceSAM_7730
There’s an open day next weekend for visitors to inspect the nether regions of a staircase of locks.

A grey day for a cruise, but at least it was mainly drySAM_7731

We just moved along to below Quoisley Lock, we’re heading back to Hurleston and the Shroppie in easy stages.

Locks 3, miles 2¼

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