Friday, January 17, 2014

A bright day for up the locks.

We waited till mid-morning before we made a move today. Two other boats had passed going in the same direction so we knew the locks would be against us. The last of the overnight showers petered out around 10:00, so we got underway around half-past.

Coming up Lock 12 in bright sunshine.SAM_7839

What a fantastic sky!

By the time we were halfway up I’d shed my jacket, walking up and down the flight was getting a bit warm.

I think that’s Lock 7 or 8 just about full.SAM_7842

Nearing the top, with just two locks to go, I thought our luck was about to change. Grey clouds started rolling in and there were a few spots of rain in the wind, but it didn’t amount to much.

SAM_7844A bit gloomy above
Lock 2

Although the day was mainly dry and bright, the towpath had suffered with the recent wet weather, in places just 2 or 3 inches of mud. Although there’ll be a little less now; Meg brought quite a bit up with her!

The Muddy Munchkin
I gave her a clean up as best as I was able at Lock 1, before we finished off the day with the 25 minute cruise to the bottom of Adderley Locks.

Last one for today, Audlem Lock 1SAM_7846

The grey had cleared back to blue as we finished the day’s trip.

Looking NE over the Cheshire PlainSAM_7848

Up the Adderley five tomorrow, then a bit of shopping in Market Drayton. Should be there by lunchtime.

Locks 11, miles 2¼

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