Monday, December 30, 2013

Visitors at Ellesmere

Yesterday we covered the remaining distance back to Ellesmere, another fine, sunny day after a good frost.SAM_7702

There were a few boats about, but it’s still not busy at the moment. We got to Ellesmere at just after one, used the facilities then got moored up on the arm to meet Mag’s son Howard who was stopping with us overnight. He lives and works in Eire, but he’s over for a few days to see the family. SAM_7707

We had a good catch up, only breaking off talking to watch the nutcase Guy Martin beat the speed record on a pushbike. Nearly 113 mph! If you missed it watch it on 4OD. Well worth it!

This afternoon we had more visitors. Friends Mike and Yen are staying with Val and John near Wrexham for the New Year, and we’ve not seen them since they joined us on a trip on the Lancaster Canal in 2011.
Another good afternoon!

Tomorrow we’re heading off, back “downhill” so we can get through Grindley Brook Locks before they close for maintenance on Friday. We should have company at the locks on Thursday. All go, isn’t it!

Locks 0, miles 6½

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Carol said...

A lovely photo!