Friday, December 06, 2013

Sitting out the wind before returning to Ellesmere

‘Twas a bit blowy, wasn’t it! I think most boaters felt the same way as us, we saw one hirer and one workboat go past all day.

We were a bit sheltered by the towpath hedge, but an old oak alongside the stern was exposed to the full blast and was shedding bits of tree on a regular basis. Luckily, non bigger than this, but it made us jump when it landed on the roof….

The sheep had the right idea…SAM_7442

…and Meg modelled the “windswept look”.

The rain set in as predicted in the afternoon, but by evening the wind had blown itself out, the sky had cleared and we had a still, cold, starry night.

This morning we had high, grey cloud, but no wind to speak of. With only a couple of miles to go we didn’t rush to get going, moving off at around half past eleven.

Just around the first corner we had to negotiate the bendy bits around Val Hill

Bridge 66, with the canal heading off right immediately afterwards

We were buzzed regularly by helicopters from the south, obviously making up for the lost day yesterday. By the frequency and flight plans I guess they’re from a training base. The nearest airfield is an old RAF field over near Rednal, but I’m not convinced they come from there.

I really do need to clean that camera lens…

A splash of gorse brightens up a grey day.

After a very steady cruise we arrived at Ellesmere, went down the arm and turned to moor up.

Into the Ellesmere ArmSAM_7455

We’ll be here for the weekend, Meg has got an appointment with the vet for her boosters and annual health check first thing on Monday. Then we’ll head down to the meres, to join Bill, Ginny and Gunner, NB Wilver.

Locks 0, miles 2¾


Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Geoff the helicopter would be from RAF Shawbury a training station for helicopter pilots Dave nb Sokai

Roger said...

Hi Geoff

All the helicopters will be from RAF Shawbury, it houses the Defence Helicopter Flying School.