Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blustery to Frankton

The day started reasonably calm and mild, but the wind steadily increased getting hard to manage by early afternoon. The showers held off till we got moored up, though.

We pulled out of the arm and headed across to the wharf to fill with water, empty the loo and get rid of rubbish.

Most of the buildings here are contemporary with the canal, built early in the 19th century.SAM_7499
It was the main maintenance depot for this stretch of the canal, with workshops, storage and a dry dock in the complex.SAM_7500

The full force of the wind was felt as we wound around the base of Val Hill, the flat Shropshire Plain to the offering no resistance to the southerly wind.SAM_7501

We arrived at Frankton Junction to around half-one, and reversed in to moor above the locks down onto the Montgomery Canal.

Moored at Frankton

Since we tied up there have been several blustery showers blow over, but it’s supposed to be quieter for the next couple of days.

Locks 0, miles 3½ 

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