Thursday, December 26, 2013

A great day, then back to Trevor

On Christmas morning we were collected, fed and watered by our good friends Val and John at their house near Wrexham, then delivered back to the boat in the evening. We had a great day, lovely food and good company. Most of Mags’ family came on the phone in the afternoon, using Val’s iphone they had video calls via Facetime. My Sony smartphone doesn’t support the Apple application.

The dogs had a good time too…

Dad, Meg’s nicked my Christmas present!”DSC_0132
Just look at Harry’s face! Of course, Meg’s got her “butter wouldn’t melt” expression. “Who, me?”
Thanks guys for such a lovely day.

After a frosty night, we decided to move back down to Trevor (well, Froncysyllte actually). We’ve got visitors tomorrow, Val and John’s son, his family and the in-laws are joining us for a trip across the aqueduct, followed by lunch. We’ll actually go across twice, being as we’re mooring on the south side facing north.

Looking back to the hills towards the head of the Dee valley.SAM_7646

It’s been busy today, we’ve actually seen three other boats moving. The towpath has been busier, couples and families walking off yesterday’s excesses.

Camo-squirrel pretending to be a tree bole…SAM_7650

Back across the Dee again….

We turned round at Fron, just before the lift bridge, then moored up facing the aqueduct, ready for tomorrow.

Heading back to moor.SAM_7656

It’s been quite a pleasant day, spells of sunshine, with just a light shower this morning. In between chatting with walkers I got a load of wood chopped that will last us for a few days. I picked up some logs today that I’d spotted on the way down, but I know where there’s more as we head back. Now there’s space on my “roof rack”for it.

Hi Tom and Jan. I know, I was being optimistic. But I did say a really good day.... Like maybe midsummer in the Sahara? I got all of 0.1 amps this morning at 9 o'clock!

Locks 0, miles 3

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