Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Normal service is resumed…

We left Ellesmere on Monday lunchtime after a visit to the vet. Meg had acquired a sore swelling on her left fore, bathing it with an antiseptic solution was easing but not curing the condition. So I decided a visit to the professionals would be a good idea in case there was something in there. She’s had grass seeds under the skin between her toes before, they can be quite nasty.
The vet had a good look and couldn’t see any foreign body, but decided to apply a poultice to draw out any contamination. We had to return today.

Meg sporting a fetching pink (for a girl) foot bandage.SAM_7468
It didn’t bother her, she’s been chasing squirrels, balls and sticks (in order of preference) quite happily, with a bag over her foot to keep the muck out.

After a visit to the service wharf we heading back to the meres to meet up with the Wilvers. We had to stop en route, though. This was just too good to pass up…SAM_7470
It’s almost two feet in diameter and hardwood too, so it took some getting through. I only managed two rings off it before my saw chain dulled. Even at only 8 inches thick, I struggled to lift them, one had to stay on the counter.
They took some splitting too. Bill’s sledge hammer and my splitting “bomb” did the job, though.

“Ha, missed it!”

After all this exercise Bill and Ginny joined us for dinner and a glass bottle or two of wine in the evening. We had a great time, but Bill and I were a little fragile in the morning. The ladies, sensibly, had refrained from alcohol, so it was just we two who managed to get through four bottles of red. It was a very quiet day….

This morning bodily functions were back to normal, and we set off down to the winding hole to turn around. We spied some wood to collect on the way, though. With quite a few logs piled on the roof we returned to drop some off alongside Wilver then said our goodbyes.

Mags, Meg, Ginny, Bill and GunnerSAM_7483
Gunner has a habit of lying in chain saw chippings…. The logs behind Bill are his share of this morning’s haul, ours are on our roof.

We had to be back in Ellesmere for the vet appointment at 2 o’clock, so set off about noon.

Cruising past Blake MereSAM_7485
The cool overnight temperatures and the wind has pretty well stripped the trees now.

SAM_7487Arriving back on the Ellesmere Arm we winded at the bottom and moored in what has become a familiar spot now.

Meg’s re-visit to the doggy-doctor went well, the paw is clean and less inflamed, although being wrapped up for over two days has irritated the skin a little. We’ve a five day course of antibiotics which should clear up any lingering infection, and I’ll continue with antiseptic washes twice a day for a few days.

Now that’s out of the way we’ll be moving on towards Llangollen early next week.

Oh, and the reason we’ve been quiet for the last couple of days… it’s very pleasant (and fuel-productive) moored at the meres, but the phone signal is intermittent at best, none-existent at worst. So I didn’t bother trying to post.

Locks 0, miles 3½


KevinTOO said...

Sorry to hear that Meg has a poorly paw :(
Hope she is fighting fit soon, those squirrels need chasing!! LOL
I trust with all that wood you're all keeping warm?
Kevin & Harry

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi KevinTOO
Good to hear from you. Meg's OK, it hardly slowed her down at all!
Yes we're doing pretty good for free fuel this year. We've only bought 6 bags of solid fuel so far, and we've still got three left!
Cheers, Geoff