Sunday, December 08, 2013

Mmmm, fresh pineapple…

I’m very partial to a bit of fresh pineapple, so when I saw they were better than half price (85p) in Tesco I couldn’t resist.

I know, Costa Rica. A lot of air miles on this one.. But we don’t grow them over here!

In the 17th century they were considered a luxury, an extravagance few could afford.  So being able to serve pineapple at table was a mark of affluence.
It also became a symbol of welcome, you’ll often see gateposts, newel posts and bedposts with carved pineapple finials.

Talking of food, we’ve a little nocturnal visitor, taking advantage of the fact that we store the fresh veg in the cratch.
At least I hope he’s a visitor and not a squatter! We had a mouse living in one of the boxes out in the cratch one winter, living off the wild bird food stored there.

We’ll be moving tomorrow, down to the meres to meet Bill and Ginny. So when we’re there I’ll leave a tempting carrot out and see if it’s munched. If it’s not we’ll have left our little scrounger behind, if it is I’m afraid he’ll have to be evicted.

Promise of a good day tomorrow?Panorama

Thanks Roger and Dave for the comments. RAF Shawbury eh, that explains the frequency. Just 11 miles from Ellesmere.
I noticed that there is another airfield, apart from Rednal, in the area. That one is near a village called Sleap, and was, like Rednal, an  RAF Operational Training unit during WWII. Shropshire Aero Club use it now.

Locks 0, miles 0

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