Friday, December 27, 2013

Day tripping.

We had a boatful today, Johnny and ‘Chelle, their daughters Abby and Emily, and Peter and Heather.
Peter especially was well taken with the boat and the lifestyle.

Peter on the tillerSAM_7658
We nearly called off the planned trip, the weather first thing was absolutely appalling, driving rain in the strong wind. But by late morning the rain at least had eased, our visitors had arrived, and we set off over the aqueduct. It was still windy crossing over the span, though.

We cruised to the first winding hole just past Bridge 37, turned around and headed back.

However did they get permission to paint the Aqueduct Inn that colour?SAM_7659

Instead of mooring in last night’s spot we went through Fron Lift Bridge and pulled in just past the limekilns.

Johnny and Peter doing the honours at the lift bridgeSAM_7660

I’m really glad we didn’t postpone, although it was windy and we had the odd short shower, everyone enjoyed the trip, particularly the two crossings of the valley. I’d rolled up the cratch cover so those who wanted could have a clear view off the aqueduct.

We had home-made soup and hot bread rolls for a late lunch, then sat and chatted for an hour before our guests left us.SAM_7666
I’d set the camera on 10 second delay then clambered through everyone to sit on the step, burning my arm on the stove. That’s why I’m holding it with a pained expression on my face!

End of a good day, Johnny, Heather, Peter, ‘Chelle and Abby. Emily’s camera shy, hiding behind her mum…
Thanks for coming, we really enjoyed your company.
Johnny's posted a video of our return crossing on his Facebook page...

Tomorrow we’re heading back across the border, intending to moor above New Marton Locks. We’ve another visitor on Sunday night, meeting us at Ellesmere. All go, ain’t it!

Locks 0, miles 4


Julie said...

Excellent clip but my god it was windy - rather you than me :)

Geoff and Mags said...

It certainly was, I had to hold my woolly hat on! So much better today.