Friday, November 15, 2013

Three fives to Wrenbury

That’s 5 miles, 5 locks and 5 boats going the other way.

We stayed near Hurleston yesterday, just chilling and then being joined by Bill, Ginny and Gunner for tea. Talk got going and it was heading for evening by the time Bill and I took the dogs for a walk. We went along the paths across the fields towards Park Farm, home of Snugbury’s Ice Cream. But we weren’t after confectionary, we went to see something you don’t expect to see in the middle of a Cheshire field… a 30 foot high Dalek!SAM_7116

The main body is made from straw bales, and there’s a motion sensor which triggers flashing blue light on the rotating head, and a robotic voice saying, of course, “EXTERMINATE!”
Blurry because of a long shutter speed while it moves… Absolutely bonkers! What the passing motorists think I don’t know.

We said our goodbyes to to the Wilvirs this morning, getting away about 10:45. It’s been good to catch up, we’ve arranged to see them again before we leave the Llangollen next year.

Superb barley-twist brickwork near Burland BridgeSAM_7121

The first of the five locks today was Swanley No 2, and the first encountered with a fierce bywash that is characteristic of this canal.

Swanley No 2

There’s about 12 million gallons of water running daily from the Dee above Llangollen to Hurleston Reservoir, and it all has to come down these by-washes.

Mags crosses the flow with aplombSAM_7124

With boats coming down, most of the locks were in our favour, just the bottom of the Baddiley 3 needing emptying.

Baddiley No 2, with a fisherman trying his luck in the by-washSAM_7125

After the locks we had a steady 35 minutes to near Wrenbury, were we pulled up just short of the manual lift bridge which carries the footpath to the church and village.

SAM_7127Moored at Wrenbury

We’re on our own this side of the bridge, but there’s half a dozen boats moored the other side. I can’t understand why, unless the proximity of two pubs is the attraction. The towpath is very muddy there, here it’s pretty dry.
I’ll be off to the Post Office in the morning for our mail and basic provisions from the shop. We may stay here the rest of the day, or shove off out into the countryside again.

Locks 5, miles 5

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