Friday, November 08, 2013

Dr Bellyse

In the centre of Audlem, at the junction of Cheshire Street, Stafford Street and Shropshire Street, sits an ornamental lamp dedicated to Doctor Richard Baker Bellyse.DSC_0132


The last of a dynasty of local doctors, following his grandfather and father into the practice. Dr. Richard served the community for 40 years, and his contribution is commemorated here.

On the other three sides of the pedestal is inscribed -

“In appreciation of a life spent relieving the suffering of his fellow creatures
A man he was to all the country dear
By medicine life may be prolonged yet death will take the doctor too”

The monument is overlooked by the substantial parish church, sitting on a low hill.

St. James the Great, AudlemDSC_0137
Built from local red sandstone, the church dates from the late 13th century.

We’ll be pushing on out of the village tomorrow, after I’ve done the last of the shopping.

Looks like it could be another fine day…SAM_7037


Locks 0, miles 0.

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