Monday, November 25, 2013

Crisp nights, fine days at Ellesmere

We’re still here in Ellesmere till tomorrow. First thing we’ll be off up to Frankton Junction to drop down the locks onto the Montgomery Canal.

Friday night was the coldest we’ve had so far, our little gadget recorded -3½°. The evidence was there to see in the morning…

Frozen puddles, frosty grass, smoky chimneysSAM_7234

I took Meg for a walk over the castle mound towards The Mere.

The Mere, just coming out of shadow

The castle mound is dotted with stone sculptures. Must mean something, but I know not what. Makes for good “arty” photos, though.SAM_7238
You can just see the moon through the top aperture.

The Boathouse pub and restaurant

Yesterday was a bit greyer, although still fine apart from a short. light shower later in the afternoon. I did my good deed for the day; jump-starting the engine on boat with completely flat batteries. I hope you got to Whixall OK, Meggy Ann.

Sunrise this morning, any significance in the Roman numeral 11?SAM_7242

Today we had visitors for the day, good friends Val and John, and dachshund Harry. I don’t know who was more pleased to see whom, Meg and Harry had a Wuthering Heights moment across Tesco’s carpark!

We had a really good day, chatting and catching up. They live not far from Wrexham, so we should be seeing a bit of them while we’re in this neck of the woods.

See you again soon. Thanks for the cake…. and the jam…. and the chutney.... and the company!
Mags is staying in the warm.

Locks 0, miles 0


Carol said...

Hi both,
Hope that you don’t get ice on the canal just yet! So far we’ve only had frost on a couple of mornings but no ice at all - long may it continue that way I say!

It’s lovely to catch up with good friends, are they the ones that Margaret stayed with in Wales after she came out of hospital?

Jacquie said...

Lovely pics, I really enjoyed it on the Mongomery. I'm sure you will too, if you have not been that way before. Don't think we have hit minus 3.5 yet here. Wrap up luv's.