Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunshine and sleety showers

Winter has arrived with a bump, I guess. The nights have turned a lot colder, and so has the rain!

Yesterday was forecast to be a bit damp, so we stayed put, moving on today on what was supposed to be the best day of the week. The day started well, cold but bright, but by the time we were ready to go pewter clouds had moved in and we postponed departure for a while to let a shower blow over.

It brightened up around half-nine, so we moved off.

Heading for Quoisley Lock, still bright before the showers returnSAM_7139

These locks today are the last heading in this direction. There are three spaced out over a couple of miles, then three more singles close together below the 3-rise staircase at Grindley Brook. For 32 miles above the last locks the canal sticks stubbornly to the 290 foot contour.

Still sunny going up Quoisley…..

…..a bit greyer at Willey Moor Lock, with the pub of the same name alongside

Things went downhill at Povey’s Lock, rain turned to sleet and it felt considerably colder.

Mags approaching Povey’sSAM_7144

Bright, dull, bright, dull, it didn’t know what to do over the last mile to the bottom of Grindley Brook. And neither did we when we arrived at the first lock. Do we stop here for the night, or risk getting wet if we commit to going up? It was bright when we made the decision.....

Steam rising off the damp fields in the sunshine

The decision was made; we’d go up. Then it started to rain again. Ah well. Then it turned to sleet until we got to the bottom of the staircase.

Lock 6, bottom lock

Leaving Lock 4, and the sleet has stopped.SAM_7148

Heading up the staircase….SAM_7152

….and out at the top

Since we arrived at the top it’s been fine and sunny. Sod’s Law, I guess. We filled with water and emptied rubbish and loos, then moored up a bit further along.

Sunset highlights the contrail of a jet going further than we are…SAM_7155

Locks 9, miles 3

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Adam said...

Have they done away with the two locks at New Marton then?