Saturday, November 09, 2013

Back out into the country

Last night’s sunset’s promise of a fine day today was fulfilled, although it started out a bit grey. It’s been sunny, but a cool south-westerly has meant that jackets were still needed.

I finished off our shopping with a visit to the excellent butchers. I wonder how many visitors miss the shop, a couple of hundred yards down Cheshire Street? Oxtail and Trotter it’s called, and well worth the visit. Thanks for the tip, Adam.

I got some thick pork chops for tea today (not those thin things that turn into frisbees after 15 minutes in the oven…), and a lump of brisket to slow cook for tomorrow. Oh, and a very tasty pork pie.

We were off at soon after 11:00 today, with Lock 12 in sight from our mooring.

Dropping down Audlem Lock 12SAM_7044

Below the lock is Audlem Wharf, Audlem Mill and The Shroppie Fly pub. The wharf provided the boaters amenities, the Mill was open for canal-related gifts and stuff, but alas, the pub is being refurbished, due to re-open on Monday.

After filling up and emptying the relevant receptacles, we had just 3 more locks to the bottom of the Audlem flight.

Lock 15, bottom lockSAM_7048

A couple of bees were taking a break in the sunshine on the information board alongside the lock.SAM_7049

I didn’t know they could read…

The canal runs out of Audlem into rolling Cheshire countryside, almost glowing green in the bright sunshine after the rain.

The adolescent River Weaver is crossed on an embankment a little out of the village.

 River WeaverSAM_7055

The name is appropriate, it certainly does weave! Rising in the Peckforton Hills to the north-west, it wriggles it’s way south-easterly till it’s bounced in a northerly direction by the rising ground that we’ve just come down. It runs through Nantwich, Winsford and Northwich before losing itself in the Mersey estuary at Frodsham.

Overwater Marina, opened 3 years ago, looks pretty full.SAM_7057

The designers of this latest generation of boat parks seem to have used a bit more thought when it comes to siting the fuel and pump-out services. Here they’re just inside the entrance. There’s nothing worse than entering an unfamiliar marina looking for an obscure diesel pump, often at the far end, and inevitably on a windy day!

We ended our short cruise at the SUCS - provided moorings at Coole Pilate.
Coole Pilate is the civil parish, and the name, according to jolly old Wikipedia, derives from “a croft growing pill oats”. Medieval medicines?
Nothing at all to do with the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate, notorious for authorising the crucifixion of Christ.

We’ll stay here tomorrow, Nantwich Monday, then onto the Llangollen for the middle of the week. Maybe….

Oh, Tom, about that stable/workshop partway down the Audlem Locks. You’d have thought, if it was a blacksmiths and joiners workshop, it’d have been nearer the wharf, wouldn’t you?

Locks 4, miles 2¼


Tom and Jan said...

Don't shoot the messenger! :-)

Geoff and Mags said...

Hiya Tom
No, that wasn't what I meant.. I was agreeing with your sceptical view as to it's origins.