Thursday, November 07, 2013

November sunshine

We chose a good day to drop down the nine locks into Audlem. From dawn to dusk it was blue skies and bright sunshine, with just a breath of wind.SAM_7025

I‘m glad we were heading north though, with the sun low and so bright it would have been dazzling heading south.

Towards Lock 3

Mags stayed on the tiller, I stayed on the towpath with Meg. There’s no point in getting on and off when the locks are only 100 yards apart.SAM_7032

The sun provided some fantastic light and shade shots.

Smoke from the chimney highlights the shafts of sunlight at Bridge 76 as Mags drops down Lock 3SAM_7031

Under Bridge 77SAM_7033

Looking across towards the Welsh border.

Old stables alongside Lock 10SAM_7035

Our last lock today was Lock 11, there’s another four below this, but we’ll save them for another day. We pulled in at around 12:30.

Down Lock 11

The plan is to stay here tomorrow, then head for Nantwich over the weekend. Well, that’s the plan….

Locks 9, miles 1

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Tom and Jan said...

I also though the build was the former stables but the lock keeper told me the building was the blacksmiths and joiners shops. The former stables are now a residence below the bottom lock.

If you can believe him!