Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Border crossing.

After two days watching the rain come down in Shropshire, we decided to see if it looks any different in Cheshire. It doesn’t…

We hadn’t seen any boats at all since we arrived below Adderley Locks, but this morning we were passed by two. The first was Steve Haywood’s NB Justice, the second was a C&RT work boat.
Justice pushed on, but the workboat pulled in under the next bridge, and there was some unidentifiable activity.

All became clear after we got away and approached the bridge. There must have been a bit of a leak.

Moving onSAM_7018

Stopgap leak fixing

In between showers I’ve managed to get rid of all the leaves we’d collected on the roof in Market Drayton, and chopped up the remainder of the wood we had on the roof. The cratch is well stacked, but the deck is looking bare. I’m on the lookout for replenishment….

Only 1½ miles saw us at the top of the Audlem flight, 15 locks dropping the canal 90 feet. It’s actually broken up into three sections, two at the top at Cox Bank, the “thick” of nine one after the other, then another pound followed by the final four.

Even in the rain, a view of characteristically English countryside brings a smile to your face…SAM_7021

We pulled in after the first two locks. It had been raining since we set off, and it’s been on and off all afternoon. Thanks, Adam, for reminding me of these moorings. I’d forgotten them since last time we came this way.

Audlem top lock

The forecast is better for tomorrow, so we’ll drop down the nine.

Locks 2, miles 1½

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