Sunday, November 17, 2013

More boats about and the first of the lift bridges.

We stayed in Wrenbury yesterday, I collected our mail and some basic groceries from the shop-cum-Post Office, and just generally relaxed. Two good walks with Meg got some fresh air into the lungs.

St Margaret’s, Wrenbury


On the notice board outside the P.O. I spotted this…
The application is for a 200 berth marina and associated facilities, in the triangle formed by Cholmondeley Road, the canal, and a line between the Post Office and Starkey’s Bridge.

Marina PlanSomewhere within the dark zone here….

I’m sure the pubs in the village would be in favour, and probably the village shop too. Don’t know about the residents, though.

We were on the move just after 10:00 this morning. Good timing, as I undid our ropes a boat came around the corner in front of us and the manual lift bridge was raised. I walked up, windlass in hand but Mags was waved through.

The next one is near the small basin which is occupied by the hire fleet.

Wrenbury Mill MarinaSAM_7128
As we approached a chap was just in the process of closing the barrier to traffic, I jumped off and crossed over to join him. He was single-handed, so assistance was welcome. On his own he’d have had to raise the bridge, move his boat through and tie it off across the bows of the hire boats, then return to lower the bridge. As it was he was able to wait for me to drop the bridge after he, then Mags, then a following boat passed through.

Milling about at Wrenbury Mill Lift BridgeSAM_7130

We’ve seen more boats out and about today than in the last few days combined. The next was at Wrenbury Frith Lift Bridge, but, apart from giving way to the oncoming boat, there was no confusion here as the bridge is normally left up.

Wrenbury Frith Lift Bridge


The Thomason’s must be quite an extensive family around here. There are several in the graveyard at St Margaret’s, and just along here there’s a bridge and a winding hole named after them too.

Mags commented on the size of the moles in Cheshire….SAM_7134

Only one lock today, the pretty Marbury Lock, handily empty as we arrived.

Coming up Marbury LockSAM_7136

We didn’t get much further, mooring up in a pleasant spot about midway between this and the next lock.

We’ve been keeping our eyes open for firewood, but with little success. I did manage to pick up a branch off a larch, a casualty of the recent winds. That’s now cut up and being aromatic on the stove.

Locks 1, miles 3¼

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KevinTOO said...

Hi Geoff & Mags,

Here's a link to that planning application...

It looks like the locals are against...