Thursday, April 08, 2021

Just killing time…

Thanks Carol, we’ve taken your advice and confirmed that booking for hull blacking in Chirk Marina in the middle of next month. It’ll actually be good to spend a few days off the boat, I reckon.

So we’ve got a bit of time to kill now, shouldn’t be a problem, we seem to have spent the last 12 months mostly doing just that!

We moved down to Ellesmere last week and spent the Easter weekend there, then another couple of days waiting for that strong northerly to ease a bit. Such a shock after several fine, warm days to suddenly have a bitterly cold wind and snow!

Still, it was calmer yesterday (not calm, calmer…), so we pushed across to the services for sanitary arrangements then headed off downstream.

The Ellesmere Arm is only half-full, almost unknown for an Easter week. It’ll all change after this coming weekend though! The Glorious 12th has taken on a whole new meaning!

It was quite a dull day, just odd spells of sunshine but not enough to offset that wind.

Ellesmere Tunnel…

…and past Blake Mere.

This chap was looking smug in his best bib and tucker – off to impress the ladies no doubt!

We weren’t sure how far to go; I toyed with the idea of stopping on the rings above Hampton Bank Bridge, but we toddled on another 10 minutes and pulled in on the embankment instead. 

With the wind blowing straight in off the towpath it was somewhat interesting getting tied up… 

Worth it though, it’s sunny all day here. If there is any sun.

While we were in Ellesmere I picked up and installed a remote monitor for the solar controller. The hardest bit was running the comms cable back to the engine room.

As you can see, it’s sunny today. I won’t need to run the engine, the batteries were fully charged again by 11:00 this morning.

Amber met a playful 18 month old malamute called Tia this morning and had a whale of a time.

A couple of days here then we’ll push on to Whixhall Moss and Prees Junction to spend a little time there. Fabulous walks across the mosses that we both enjoy.

Locks 0, miles 5½ 

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