Monday, March 01, 2021

Change of month, change of weather.

We moved to Ellesmere on Saturday, fine and warm. A splendid early spring day.

Several trips up into town got the cupboards and fridge topped up before we topped off the water tank and disposed of the accumulated rubbish and recycling, then turned around to head back upstream. 

Beautiful frosty morning walks over the weekend.

All change today though. At half-seven it was quite misty, but with a promise of the sun breaking through.

Love this one…

A brief glimpse though, then the fog came down again, just clearing enough to make the day a typical early March one, grey skies and cold with it.

We pushed on past Frankton Junction and pulled in near Bridge 4W (as usual!), and we’ll stay here till Wednesday morning. First thing on Wednesday we’ll move up to moor opposite Whittington Wharf so I can meet the taxi outside the Narrow Boat Inn for my trip to get my first Covid vaccination. Mags and Amber will stay aboard, I shouldn’t be very long.

And that’s about it. It was great to enjoy that brief spell of unseasonable weather, but it looks like we’re back to normal now for a few days.

Hi Tom, Jan. I wasn’t sure what you were on about in your comment, till I re-read the text on the last post. Gonna have to sack the proof-reader. But we are in rural Shropshire after all…

Locks 0, miles 11


Carol said...

Great photo of Amber in the brief sunshine Geoff. Hope all goes well with your covid vaccination. Stay warm, dry and safe. xx

Jennifer said...

Beautiful shot of Amber in the rays. Jennifer and Peter