Monday, May 21, 2007

Away from Castlefield around 09:15, after watching the performance of a couple of hire boats going up lock 92 on the Rochdale, heading for Duckinfield junction on the Cheshire Ring.

Lock 92

A gentle run down to Dunham Massey, where we’ve stopped overnight on our previous trips. It’s good to be back in green fields after 2 days of concrete and tarmac, but Manchester was OK, interesting in an urban sort of way. There’s good shopping at Sale, with a Co-op and a B&Q within easy distance of the canal.

Moored Near Dunham Massey
The Bridgewater is wide and deep, and a lot of the boaters treat it like a motorway, tearing along with huge bow waves. You couldn’t do that on the Trent and Mersey! There are plenty of pleasant moorings once you get clear of the city connurbation, and the anglers mostly say hello!

The batches of youngsters are doing well in this area, with families of ducks, swans and geese, and the odd moorhen.

Canada Goslings near Castlefield
Locks none, miles 9½.

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