Sunday, May 20, 2007

As mentioned on the last post, we arrived at Castlefield yesterday. What I didn’t say was that it was raining when we arrived, which turned into heavy showers, some with hail! Not looking good for the race, but today dawned fine and dry.
Up early and a walk up to the end of the G-Mex to leave Mags and Meg and head off to the start. Howard, with Neil and Val from Canada, should have arrived, but were running late.
I had a good run in near perfect conditions, missing my 45 minute target by just 2 seconds! Still, it’s 4 minutes faster than last year so all that training has paid off. If I keep improving at this rate I’ll be running world class times by the time I’m 55! Micah Kogo won the mens race in 27:21, taking 4 seconds off the previous record.

Post Race
All our guests had arrived by the time I got back to our meeting point, so we had quite a crowd heading back to the boat for a buffet lunch we’d prepared yesterday.
We had Howard, Neil, Val, Ruth and her grandson Connel, Mags granddaughter Melanie, with her children Emma, Joanne and Laura. The afternoon was fine and dry, just as well as we spilled out onto the quay. The kids spent the time playing with Meg, while the adults sat about talking.

Castlefield Party
The visitors didn’t leave till around 15:30, and, as it is around 2 hours cruise to get through Sale and Stretford and out into a decent mooring area, we decided to stop another night and leave in the morning.

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