Monday, November 24, 2014

Wet tunnel, busy afternoon, fine sunset.

We had a good weekend after coming up Hatton Locks on Friday. We didn’t move, Saturday we made a start on the logs we’d collected around Leamington, and Sunday it was too wet to do much of anything. But Sunday also marked Vic’s birthday, so they came to us for lunch and a bit of a celebration with a drink or two…

The day finished with a flourish, too!

An overnight low of -2½°C left us with a frosty morning, just the kind that Meg likes…IMG_2484


We were on the move today, not too far though. It seemed a shame not to move on such a beautiful day.We pulled in for a quick visit to the Village Stores in Shrewley on the 48 hour moorings just before Shrewley Tunnel. The towpath here is  running with muddy water after the rain.
The tunnel itself is fairly short, only 433 yards, but what it lacks in length it move than makes up for in dampness!
I couldn’t see so well either. I’d scrubbed my running shoes this morning after getting them full of mud on Sunday morning. It seemed a good idea to hang them from the aerial to drip as we cruised today…
IMG_2508…right in front of the tunnel light!

We tied up on at a fine spot, open views both ways looking out over the village of Rowington.IMG_2509

A quick bite to eat then it was back out with the chainsaws and axes to tackle the remainder of the logs on both boat roofs.

My stack…

A couple of hours later and it was sliced, diced and stacked back onto the boats. That should last us a while.

Sue and I took the dogs out for an hour in the late afternoon, a short walk out around the village and back.

Rowington’s Church of St. Lawrence is a fine building, parts dating back to the 12th century.IMG_2512

Sue, Meg and setting sun.

Another fine sunset finished the day off
The new moon is in the middle of the shot.

Our time cruising with Sue and Vic is drawing to a close. We’ll be parting company in the next couple of days, as we head west then north for the Llangollen Canal. We’ll probably meet up again in the spring, over on the Fens.

Locks 0, miles 2½

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Steve and Angela said...

Hi again,
Saw the photo of you 'walking the plank' with your logs on No Problems site, that was very brave, or maybe barking mad!
Hope you keep warm tonight its looking like a cold and foggy one here.