Monday, November 03, 2014

Now that didn’t take long…

We were planning to head for All Oaks Wood today, about 3 hours down the Oxford Canal. But while we were filling with water and getting rid of the rubbish at the wharf I was reminded that we’d had a Tesco delivery here in the past, and if we had one tomorrow it’d save me at least two trips to the supermarket in Rugby, and longer arms!

So we finished off the servicing, mooched 200 yards towards Coventry, winded in the entrance to Exhall Basin (where the sign says NO WINDING, but I didn’t see that till I was commited…) and moored up in the sun just beyond.

Almost within sight of where we’ve been for the last two days!IMG_2192
The grassy sward alongside is where the now-infilled Oxford Canal carried on to Longford.

Earlier this morning Meg and I had a walk around the site of Longford Power Station. Nothing to be seen at all, now.
The site has been earmarked as a potential residential development, so it might not be the same when we next come this way…

The Wyken Colliery branch line followed this embankment…IMG_2182

…crossed the track to the Greyhound and the Oxford Canal here where the bridge abutments are still visible…IMG_2183

…then crossed the Coventry Canal where this more recent footbridge now stands, on it’s way to join the L&NWR.

The Greyhound Inn is overlooked by pylons from the modern substation, but up until demolition would have been dwarfed by the cooling towers of the power station.IMG_2186

I came across this picture on, and the author has kindly given me permission to use it. Thanks Carol.Longford Power Station 1950's

Compare it to Google Earth imagery from 2012…Longford Power Station 2012

Tomorrow we’ll continue south on the Oxford, a day later than planned but we don’t need to be down at Braunston till the weekend.

Locks 0, miles ¼

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