Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Second time lucky.

Our Tesco delivery arrived just within the “window” this morning on the wharf at Hawkesbury Junction. It wasn’t a problem, I’d got the right cabin side washed off and leathered, and I’d also had 10 bags of solid fuel delivered and loaded too, while I was waiting.
I’d been thinking about getting some solid fuel, we’re down to 1½ bags and the wood is going down. On the route we’re taking there are still quite a few boats about, making my expectations of finding firewood low. So this morning I rang a local dealer who delivered at a quarter past ten. Not bad eh. But he was only five minutes away…
Could be a useful source for stove parts, too.http://www.wentworthfuels.co.uk/

We were putting the grocery delivery away when I realised there were some substantial gaps in the inventory. No fresh bread, veg or cakes. So I rung up the Cheryl on the helpline, who, after checking up was able to confirm that a box had been missed off the delivery. The bad news was that they might not be able to re-deliver till half-one. I nearly cancelled the outstanding items for a refund, but then thought about the doughnuts I’d promised Mags…
As it was I’m glad I didn’t, the van turned up just 20 minutes after I’d finished the call, so we were still able to be away soon after noon.

From the junction to the basin in the centre of Coventry the towpath is adorned with sculptures. These are mounted on the footbridge.IMG_2195

We’re away, Mags in the stop lock.


Around the corner, now on the North Oxford. IMG_2200
In the middle of the last century there would have been boats everywhere along here. Unloading coal, waiting to unload coal, or waiting for orders after unloading.

Painting the pylons.
I bet there’s a good view from up there…

You don’t see that every day…

The Wyken Colliery Arm is now occupied by the Coventry Cruising Club.IMG_2206

As we approached Ansty the blue skies we’d enjoyed all morning turned grey and threatening clouds started to move in. By the time we’d reached Bridge 17, our halfway point for today’s trip, the rain had started and continued for the rest of the afternoon.

Looking a bit black over Bill’s mother’s…IMG_2208

The West Coast Main Line follows the canal for a mile beyond Ansty.IMG_2213

Under the M6 in Nettle Hill Cutting.
And yes, that is a boat moored under the bridge…

A bit of a wiggle in the canal past a stretch of offside moorings takes you to another long straight, finishing at Stretton Stop, home of Rose Narrowboats and that annoying little pedestrian footbridge.IMG_2218

From here it was only a damp mile to our planned stop at All Oaks Wood.

Passing the Brinklow Arm, an abandoned length that ran to a wharf on the edge of the village.IMG_2221

Moored up after three hours. And it’s stopped raining now…IMG_2224

Locks 1, miles 8¼


Nb Yarwood said...

A BOX of doughnuts?? Has the craving got worse then? I am wondering how many to get in for next May!
X Lesley

Malcolm said...

I like it at All Oaks wood, it's a pleasant mooring. Much quieter than when I was there at the end of September.