Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fine day as we drop down to cross the Avon.

We had clear skies from sunrise this morning, although it took some time for the sun to dispel the overnight chill.
At half-ten we were away, following in the wake of No Problem who’d left 15 minutes earlier. They were intending to top up with water at Bascote, we were leaving it till we got to Fosse Wharf.

We met up again at the top of the Bascote Staircase Locks, an usual two-rise broad staircase, where the lower gates of the top chamber do double duty as the top gates of the lower chamber.

Bascote Staircase Locks.IMG_2421


There are two more locks close below the staircase, then they become a little more spaced out.

Autumn sunshine

While filling with water at Fosse Wharf I made use of the al-fresco dump-it station…IMG_2426
I think it’s new! But they put the rinsing tap in the wrong place…

There’s a fine stone railway bridge, now redundant of course, just above our last lock of the day, Radford Bottom Lock.

:Leamington – Rugby Branch Line bridgeIMG_2430

Radford Bottom Lock
Our last for the day, and the last on the downhill slope into the Avon valley. The canal runs through Leamington Spa, across the Avon, and through Warwick before starting the long climb up onto the Black Country plateau. And it starts with a vengeance…  the 21 locks of the Hatton flight.

Below the lock Gary off NB Muleless was lurking, waiting for us. He’d spied out some logs on the towpath side and was ready to help us load them on both boats. There was a lot more on the offside, but not enough water to get close to the bank.

One stash that we couldn’t get at.

Never mind, we still got a fair bit. We moored either side of Muleless and after a bite to eat set to and dealt with that on No Problem. Ours we’ll do tomorrow morning.

Moored in a row near Radford SemeleIMG_2434

We were just thinking about tea and taking the dogs for a stroll when Mark on the coal boat Callisto turned up. We’d been expecting him.

Mark, Star Class Carrying Co.

And the delightful Tilly (I think)

We took on diesel and Sue and Vic had some solid fuel. Gary and Della had had a top up from Mark yesterday when he was heading towards Warwick.

Locks 10, miles 5½

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