Sunday, November 02, 2014

Old maps…

I’ve come across a superb resource for old OS maps. They’re great for checking out the locations of old canals, arms and wharfs. The URL is -

On the left type in the location you want to check out, it will show a modern overlay. Then click on “Side by Side” at the top to show a split screen, modern satellite view on the right, old map on the left. Or “Explore Georeferenced Maps” will put the historical map on full screen.

I’ve purloined this from the site - Panorama

It shows Hawkesbury Junction (top right) and the canal heading to Longford (middle left). Interestingly it also shows the bed of the old Oxford Canal to Longford, running parallel to the Coventry Canal. Judging by the legend though it’s a ditch at this time, not in water.
Longford Power Station, built early in the 20th C and demolished in the 1980s, isn’t shown, it was situated in the loop of the Oxford Canal behind The Greyhound Inn. But mine shafts in the same area are, as is the mineral line to Wyken Colliery.
The Wyken Arm from the Oxford Canal, the remains of which is now used by the Coventry Cruising Club, is, alas, just on the right edge of the map, ¾ of the way down.

I could spend hours looking at these old maps. Fascinating.

Not moving today, it’s cool and damp out there.

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