Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Errata and the wanderer returns.

Yesterday’s post, where I talked about the width of Bridge 98 being possibly related to the proximity of the old route of the canal was a load of twaddle.
The original line to Braunston Marina actually runs from just south of Bridge 97 - here in fact, to the right…IMG_2336
And the new line didn’t start here, heading north. In fact it carries straight on where the old line bent to the left to go around a ridge, there’s a wide section nearer to Bridge 99 where they met.
If you have a walk across the field to the west from B98 you can see the old line as it loops around the rising ground, at one point still in water for a short distance, but mainly just a dry ditch flanked by the ubiquitous towpath hawthorn hedge.
It crosses the current line here, opposite the boat above.IMG_2337
An oak tree has grown in the canal bed, taking advantage of the damp ground.

Brindley, upon surveying this slight rise followed by the valley of the infant River Leam, decided to go round both. Telford, 50 years later, drove a cutting through the ridge and an embankment over the valley.

Looking down on the Leam valleyIMG_2341The embankment is known as Braunston Puddle Banks.

There’s that church and windmill again…IMG_2343

Turning right at the junctionIMG_2345

I was expecting Mags and Howard at around half-one, so had cleaned the chimney, got dinner ready, made some chocolate chip cookies and tidied up. I didn’t want her to think I‘d been sitting around!
I got a call to say they’d arrived, and Meg and I went to meet them.

Meg was pleased to see Mags again!
I think the feeling was mutual, waggy tails all round…
Mags' review with the doc went tolerably well, just a couple of minor issues to keep an eye on. We've to see her again next spring.

Howard will stop with us again tonight, before heading back north in the morning. Meanwhile we’ll be heading south to Napton Junction, then turning right towards Calcutt. Sue and Vic on NB No Problem are along there somewhere…

Locks 0, miles 2

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