Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meetings at Calcutt

With Mags back aboard and Howard away back home we were free to head off out of Braunston. I’ve a VHF radio course at Willow Wren’s new training centre at Nelson’s Wharf on Saturday, so we’re heading towards Warwick.

The weather was better than we had reason to expect as we headed over the Puddle Banks.
We’d had pretty well continuous rain since 8 o’clock this morning.

There are good moorings either side of Bridge 100, an exceptionally skinny span.

Bridge 100IMG_2356

I’d tried to catch a kestrel on the wing, but the photos were blurred. Then he obliged by perching as we cruised past.

I thought we were going to get wet as we passed below Bush Hill near Flecknoe…IMG_2360

…but the grey cloud passed over astern.IMG_2361

The footbridge at Lower Shuckborough was erected at the same time as bank improvements were carried out. (zoom in on the datestones)
It was then that the wide locks on the main line into Birmingham were built to replace the earlier narrow ones.

Napton Junction (aka Wigrams Turn) was were we turned right, under the concrete bridge.

That’ll be us, then.


Half a mile up we pulled in past two familiar boats…

Nb No Problem and Nb Waiouru

After lunch and a brew Sue took Tom and I, and the dogs, on a short cross country ramble…IMG_2373
Very enjoyable, even with the mud and the inquisitive cows.

Meg the muck-magnet

It’s been a fine afternoon, finishing with a fine sunset over the reservoirs at the head of the locks.


Locks 0, miles 6


Nb Yarwood said...

She didn't roll in the muck Geoff...try Floyd, he would ha e laid in it and my previous Lab Samuel would have rolled!
Best wishes for Saturday!!!
X Lesley

Geoff and Mags said...

Dogs, eh. Don't you just love'em!