Friday, November 07, 2014

Miserable weather.

Oh I hate it when it’s like this. Wet and windy. One or the other I can cope with but both together is a bit grim.
Having said that we were lucky today. I hit a gap in the rain between 7 and 8 when I went for a run, then we waited for a bit of an improvement till half past eleven, managing to get moored up just short of Braunston Turn before the rain came on again.

Gloomy dayIMG_2277

I’d not noticed yesterday, but today I realised that bridges across the sections that were straightened in the 1820’s were built with a broad gauge span. Those on the original line remain unchanged.

New bridge…
…old bridge

I’m guessing that the unfulfilled ambition was to make the North Oxford wide like the Grand Union Main Line.

Even a glimpse of sunshine was welcome today.IMG_2285

We passed NB Arundel, employed on a regular contract hauling gravel on the Grand Union a few years ago, but it looks like that’s over and done with. IMG_2282

There was a group (parliament?) of crows in a field alongside the canal, and every so often one would take off and plane on the brisk wind before circling back down to join it’s fellows.

Hanging on the windIMG_2292
I’m sure they were enjoying themselves. They were certainly keeping me amused…

Braunston church, with it’s corbelled spire, is visible from a long way off.IMG_2298
To the left is the sail-less windmill.

We pulled in on the end of the 14 day moorings between bridges 89 and 90. Just across the fields the church steeple rises above the trees. It’s lit up at night…
Tomorrow we’ll head into Braunston, hopefully to moor near Butcher’s Bridge.

Hi Malcolm. Sorry we missed you. Next time, eh.

Hi Angela (Alfie’s Mum). You’re very welcome, it was a pleasure to have his company. As you say, it’s important for the young to be included. Too often they’re ignored or told to keep out of the way. Alfie, you’re welcome to come and lock-wheel for us any time. We’ll be doing some long flights of locks later this year…
 Open-mouthed smile

Locks 0, miles 3

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Sue said...

You and me both with wind and rain.. that is a no cruise area!

We seem to be positioning ourselves for a run up the GU shortly.. Lock wheelers very welcome as you say..

Get that recipe out Mags he is starting to drool!! :D