Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back to the green stuff.

We went to bed last night with ice still on the marina and snow still on the ground. This morning there was an almost miraculous transformation.


We’d heard a bit of bumping around the stern in the night, that must have been the ice breaking up. It’s amazing what a sudden rise of a few degrees can do. I expected the ice to be hanging around for another few days.


It’s been a bright but breezy day, just a couple of short showers to dampen the timber decking on the pier. Another lazy day for us, three walks for Meg, I put a pork shoulder joint in the oven then checked the battery’s electrolyte levels. No need for a top up, since being on mains they’ve not used any distilled water. When we’re cruising they do need a drop every fortnight, the Sterling A-B battery charge controller tends to make them fizz a bit.

Pleased about the batteries, disappointed with the joint. Very fatty, even for pork shoulder. I knew I should have gone to the BBICM…. Still, Meg liked it.

Nothing much planned for next week, we’ll pop down to Dad’s to pick up the mail midweek, and I’m thinking of starting a bit of a project… More later.



One Thing After Another said...

It's the same here now. Green everywhere!

Glad my recipe brought some memories back and I have to say "cowpat cakes" did make me laugh.... Erm....just not sure I want to eat them again now!

Andy Bayley said...

Geoff - apologies bit late in catching up on your news! Ref the question on the T Mobile wifi, can confirm they are good having used one for the last 2 years. I originally bought it as it was the only one that provided an external connector for an aerial. The aerial I eventually got from here . Without the aerial I found the signal was poor in any part of the cabin but once plugged in 3g signal in most places we moored in. Also got a Waterways World article on them if you want me to send it drop me a line to my email which you should have from this post.
Best regards
Andy Bayley

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Andy
Thanks for the comment, but you'll no doubt have seen that I've stayed with 3, the offer was too good to pass up. I'll just have to keep blue-tacking the thing to the window :-{
Cheers, Geoff