Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not a lot happening..

Well, we did get to go shopping on Tuesday, it was a lot brighter and a little warmer than Monday. Groceries at Morrison’s, a few odds and ends at B&Q then the same again at Shobnall Basin. (Yes, Nev, the chandlery IS open).

Frozen Barton Lock yesterday morning
SAM_4538 Barton Lock

Yesterday we had a surprise visit from brother Andy and niece Megan. They were on their way home from Crewe and decided to drop in on us. A very pleasant surprise. Megan is looking at university places to continue her studies later this year. She’s a very talented musician and is looking for a career in music. Her preference is Bath Uni, but she’s keeping her options open and looking at other campus (should that be campuses?)

It’ll be one out, one in this year. My other niece, Samatha, will be finishing her studies at London University in the summer. I’ve no idea where they get the brains from…

Andy cast a critical eye over the bike rack he made for me, now fitted on the stern. He seemed to like it. If anyone wants one I can put them in touch.

Last night was supposed to be particularly cold, but Jack frost must have toddled off elsewhere and we only got down to -4°. And we had a light dusting of snow.

We had a visit to make to the local surgery for more blood tests for Mags this morning. They’re still trying to balance the dosage of the prescription drugs she’s taking. She’s feeling fine in herself, though.

Then I took the car over to Morrisons for a bit more shopping in case the weather does turn bad over the weekend. (Essentials like whisky and Crabbies ginger beer). I can always walk up to the Co-op in the village, but I don’t want to risk Flossie (Dad’s car) in adverse conditions. I think he’d like her back in one piece….

I just got back and spotted a familiar face unloading his tools on the car park. Ed Shiers of Four Counties Marine Services was replacing a central heating boiler on one of the boats on our pier. We’ve used him on a few occasions, mainly for boiler servicing or repair, but more notably when we were stranded up on the Leeds and Liverpool with a failed starter motor. You can’t push start a boat!
He works out of Leek, so is nicely central. If you’re ever stuck he’s the guy to call. Reliable, competitive and a very pleasant chap to boot.

When he’d finished installing the unit today he came back for a cup of tea and a chat (although I think he also needed a warm, he sat right next to the stove).

The water supply to the pier has been off now for 24 hours, not sure whether it’s been turned off or just frozen. I filled on Tuesday, so we should be all right till after the weekend if we stack up the laundry. I could always use the facilities here, but I guess they’ll be pretty busy.

Still water at the marina entrance from across the canal….ice inside.
SAM_4540 Barton Marina

…we’re just on the right.SAM_4541 Us

Bracing ourselves for the dollop of the white stuff that's due tomorrow..... Meg will love it!


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