Sunday, January 06, 2013

It’s a big one!

Yesterday we went over to Shardlow to visit our friend Carol and her partner Amanda on their new boat. We first met Carol on the Soar at Birstall while waiting for the river to go down (again), then we shared the locks down to Market Harborough.

We’ve met up since, we spent one summer cruising together, painting her old narrowboat, Corbiere, as we went.

Carol and Corbiere at Shireoaks on the Chesterfield Canal, 1st April 2008
April 2008 001  Corbiere at Shireoaks B

Having met Amanda she decided that old Corbiere was a little too small to live aboard, and At Last came up for sale in the marina so they bought it. Corbiere sold in a matter of days and is now somewhere down south.

We knew that At Last is a wide-beam but were nor prepared for the size of the thing.

It’s pretty big….DSC_0049
That wheelhouse is as big as our saloon!

It doesn’t have an engine or stern gear as yet, having been built purely as a house-boat, but that’s to be rectified this spring. They can’t wait to get her cruising, but at 12 feet wide and quite high with the fixed wheelhouse some of the bridges might be “interesting”….

It seems massive inside compared to a narrowboat.DSC_0051
Sorry about the poor quality, using the phone camera.

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One Thing After Another said...

Great blog guys, been following with interest for a while. Like your friend's boat, would love a widebeam myself space wise but then not so sure about being restricted on where I can and can't go. Plus this boat of ours has had too much put into it to give it up now!

Hopefully you can enjoy our blog too, with stories of the fit out and other day to day activities!

Take care