Thursday, January 10, 2013

A steady week….

We’ve not done so much this week, a trip to see my folks down in Sileby on Tuesday was good, then today we had a visit from Dave and Barbara, boaters who live in Newark but moor at Shobnall in Burton upon Trent.

We first met on the Trent while waiting for Cromwell Lock, then again by chance down on the Thames a couple of years later. Our trip up on to the Lancaster Canal in 2011 also coincided with theirs, also by chance. Spooky or what! Then last summer, while heading north on the Trent, we moored at Newark overnight and met up again!

Dave and Barbara arrive at Savick Brook on the Ribble Link, August 2011Z__DSCF0077 LB Arrives

Today has been the only get-together that has had any degree of planning!
It was good to see you again, folks.

We got a call from Barton Surgery yesterday afternoon, they weren’t entirely happy with Mags’ recent blood test results, so we were invited to make an appointment for today. A contrast with Mags’ own doctor up in Yorkshire. She rang for an appointment to keep her up to date and there’s nothing available till February!
Anyway, the doctor here has adjusted the prescription a little and we’re back for another blood test next week.

On Tuesday, down at Dad’s, I picked up the frame for my bike (John Sage) to hang on. Made by my brother Andy (he owns a fabrication business) it’s just the job.

Just clamped on at this point….DSC_0057   
It’ll bolt to the fender hangers, the mounting plates will have holes in for the fenders. Neat, huh.
A couple of straps and a cycle lock will secure the bike to the frame.
It’s awkward to get the bike on and off at the moment, the stern hangs off the end of the pontoon. But when we’re tied to the bank it should just be Ro-Ro.

Not on this scale, though….

After a few fine days the weather has reverted to January today. Grey and murky, and with a cold night last night. It looks set to stay that way for a week or so.

Even though it’s been dry the lakes are still pretty full….DSC_0053

This coot is either an early starter or optimistic…


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One Thing After Another said...

Thanks for the comment on the blog guys, not sure how to reply as such so leaving you a message here! Sounds like a good plan especially seeing as we'll be painting the engine room this year.

Glad you're enjoying our blog, yours is always on our read list!

Lewis and Pawel