Friday, January 18, 2013

White world, daft dog!

The forecast was right, it’s done nothing but snow all day, but mainly fine stuff blown by the brisk wind. We’ve about 4” now, more where it’s drifted. But they’ve had it worse to the east of us, we’re just getting the left-overs.
Although it must be rough for those who have to get about in this weather, Meg loves it!

This morning with around an inch of snow…SAM_4548

This afternoon, with a bit more!
She was better this afternoon. The hair between her toes picks up snow which forms into hard balls of ice making it uncomfortable for her to walk. So before we went out again she had a manicure (or pedicure, maybe both) and instead of great big woolly plates of meat she’s now got dainty little paws! Can’t do anything with the snow that collects on her nose, though!

They reckon we’ve got several days of this before it warms up a bit. Should be fun, or not depending on what you’re trying to do….


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