Sunday, January 13, 2013


We’ve settled into a routine now. Or do I mean rut…..

I get up at around 8, sort the fire out, make Mags a cup of tea then take Meg for a walk. We’re back around 10, I do some breakfast for me (usually Shredded Wheat with banana) and Mags if she wants any, while Meg has a chew stick. We sit together in the bedroom chatting for a bit, then I get stuck into whatever chores need doing.

Mags gets up at around 11, we have another brew then just potter about, a bit of reading maybe or a crossword, before it’s time for Meg to go out for a 30 minute ball chase session.

Lunch for all three of us, then Mags and I settle down to a couple of games of Scrabble or dominos, while Meg snoozes in her bed.

Dog walking again for 45 minutes or so before it gets dark, then sort out something for dinner. TV, laptop or reading in the evening.

That’s about it. How we’re ever going to fit cruising in come March I don’t know!

Of course, there are some variations. Two or three times a week I’m going for a run, so get up earlier. Then the rest of the day gets put back a bit as well.

We might go out, do a bit of shopping.

The weather has been fine today after a cold start, much better than the gloomy overcast days we’ve had recently. Still no snow here, but plenty of early frost.


I took advantage of the good day to fit the bike bracket our Andy made for me, then struggled a bit with the tipcat and button, but it all went together in the end.
I did intend to match the angle of the tiller swan’s neck, honest!SAM_4532

Although bright it was cold, and my numb fingers succeeded in dropping not one but two shackle pins into the oggin. Lucky I’ve got spares….

I treated us at the The Butcher, The Baker, The Ice Cream Maker yesterday. Home made pasties (yet to try), apple and leak pork sausages (tried before so I know they’re good) a cracking pork pie (mostly gone!), two fine looking pork chops and a beautiful cut of local beef for dinner today. Not cheap, but you have to pay for quality, don’t you.

A shopping day tomorrow, groceries from Morrison’s, a few bits from B&Q, and a visit to the chandlery at Shobnall will get us out for a bit.

Looks like another cold one tonight…



Nev Wells said...

Is the Shobnall chandlers open again?

Nev NB Percy

justastick said...

Count your blessing Geoff I would trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday!It's the simple things in life that are priceless.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Justastick.You're right, it's a matter of priorities, isn't it.

Nev, I didn't know it'd been shut!
A phone call first, methinks. Otherwise it'll be good old Mid Chand at Mercia.