Friday, January 25, 2013


After a couple of mild(ish) days and no appreciable snowfall the thaw is well under way.
OK, it makes it easier to get around and the taps on the pier have defrosted, but Megs paws have been beautifully clean for the last week, now there back to being muddy after a walk….

Grass starting to appear through the snowDSC_0065

There’s still ice on puddles and the marina basin, and after a hard frost last night it’s been a cold day, with a bitter north-westerly. The temperature has hovered around 2 or 3°.

Following on from the last posting about wifi, I did some performance tests between my current Mifi dongle and my Sony smartphone. I found that although the wireless signal from the phone was the stronger of the two, it didn’t wasn’t as good as the dongle for receiving data. Watching streaming video, there were far less pauses for buffering using the dongle. The internal aerial must be that bit better in the internet only unit. It’s poor reception here anyway.
With this in mind, I decided to keep a dedicated dongle for internet use. The next question was whether to go for a T-Mobile contract with the E586e wireless pointer, or buy the same unit unlocked from ebay and use a PayG or contract 3 SIM. I rang 3 to cancel my existing contract (it finishes this month anyway) and had a full and frank discussion with someone in Retentions (thanks Jill). The upshot of our exchange was that I now have a new wifi dongle, (ready for 4g when it comes) and an 18 month contract for just over a tenner a month. The allowance is down to 5Gb, but I rarely use more than that and I can always fall back on the phone if I max out.
Will be collecting the dongle early next week, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback.


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One Thing After Another said...

Thought it was thawing here too but the snow has just started coming down again with bigger flakes than ever!

Hope you're well!