Sunday, February 03, 2013

A bit of a project…

I mentioned the other day that I had a small job in mind, one that I’ve conjured with for some time. While we’re here, stationary, and with transport to hand, it seemed a good time to get started. With a trip to B&Q and Wickes.

Know what it is yet?

A bit unfair, eh. Maybe this will help.
There’s a clue in the background.....

I had a bit of a drama this morning while out on my morning run. I lost my gate key.Unfortunately it not only opens the security gates, it also affords access to the “facilities”. An essential part of marina equipment. But that’s not the worse, there’s a £35 deposit on the thing!

Postponing my shower and breakfast, Meg got a quick comfort walk and then I set off to retrace my route on trusty old John Sage. Only he wasn’t so trusty this morning. I’ve been a bit lazy these past few weeks, with Dad’s car Flossie to hand (see where I get it from…) the bike hasn’t seen any action. It was only when I set off that I realised the back brake was dragging. This made the trip more of a workout than the gentle pedal it should have been. Another job to sort out, then.

Anyhow, I found the key, still on it’s distinctive keyfob from Red Lake Gold Mine in Canada, courtesy of Mag’s son Neil on his last visit. It was lying at the side of the path alongside the A38, just short of the turn into Branston Water Park. Whew, what a relief.

So my steady morning 5½ miler had another 4 miles of pedalling added. Ah well. What doesn’t kill you does you good.

We had a good day on Tuesday, went to Dad’s to pick up the mail and for lunch, then called to see Mo and Ness at Barrow. Balmaha is stuck on Barrow Cut, with high water on the Soar at either end. The towpath was pretty muddy though, so we met up in Peppercorn’s, a pleasant tea-room on the main street. A fine afternoon, chatting and catching up.
We’d planned to join them on what promises to be an interesting trip across the Wash in the Spring, but we’ve cried off till Mags is 100%.

That’s about it, Mags has two visits up at the local surgery tomorrow, one for a blood test then another to see the Doc to review her prescription. We’re getting far better service here than from our own surgery up north. Mags wanted an appointment with her own doctor to keep her up to speed, the earliest we can get is 26th February!

Oh, one other thing. Did anyone see yesterday’s Mirror front page? “RED ARROWS FACE AXE” Apparently the latest round of defence cuts could impact on the iconic RAF display team. Now, I‘m not going to get all political and controversial, I‘d just like to say that if the team is grounded I and 49,999 others runners will miss the lift in spirits we get when the formation of Hawk aircraft pass over Tyne Bridge as we cross the river.
No, what I wanted to express was puzzlement over the main article on page 5. It appears that they must be very fit guys, those pilots. After all, they’re members of the “Royal Air Force Aerobic Team” Good job they can do aerobatics too….
It’s not just the printed version either: 


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One Thing After Another said...

We just had our hatch doors redone but I had to get someone in to do it - know idea about anything wood and would have only made a mess of it myself! Looking good at your end though!