Sunday, February 24, 2013

Picked Clean

Meg and I came across these remains yesterday morning.

Meg’s tennis ball is there to give an idea of size….. that was a big fish!
Must have been a particularly strong heron to have landed this beast – maybe he used a crane????
Winking smile

Less than a week to go now till we re-emerge onto the canal. Working through a list of things to do before we head off.
I’m pretty well finished with all my little “projects” that have occupied my time over the last couple of weeks, the last job is to fit the new deck boards leading down from the counter after I collect them tomorrow. A thorough cleaning in the engine bay, get all the laundry up to date while we’ve power and water easily available, do a big shop to top up the cupboards and take Flossie back to Dad. Then we should be ready to hit the {water} road on Friday morning.

We’re both looking forward to leaving now. It’s been a useful interlude, allowing Mags to recover from her stroke without any stress, but it’ll be nice to look out of the windows again and see countryside instead of boats.



Neil Corbett said...

Neil thinks that looks like Mink damage to him.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Nicky said...

could possibly be otter damage x

Geoff and Mags said...

Yeah, it's got to be something like that. I've seen a couple of moorhen carcasses knocking about, too. Mink would be my guess. I reckon it's a bit busy around here for Tarka...