Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quite chuffed, really.

That’s how I feel today having completed my latest little project. We’ve hatches on both sides of Seyella, one over the dinette table and one almost opposite. It’s very pleasant sitting at the dinette eating, or tapping away on my laptop, with the hatch open and lots of natural light coming in. But of course, this is only practical in warmer weather.
Several boats have internal glazed doors that can be closed when the outer hatch doors are open, giving light and a view out without the draught. That’s what I’ve been working on these last couple of weeks.

What do you reckon? Neat, huh?


The streaks on the last photo are flakes of todays snowfall….

Not sure if I’m going to do the other side. There’s a roof hatch above the side doors as well, so the doors go right up to roof level, and there’s a cupboard on the left side which will prevent an interior door from opening right back.
Nothing insurmountable, though. Bifold doors?

There’s another, rather larger, project started this week near the southern end of the marina. DSC_0071
There’s going to be a two-screen cinema and cafe/bar here. Have a look -

The snow is turning to rain now, and the week is supposed to be getting a bit warmer. I hope the weather does improve, we’re supposed to be out of here in just over a fortnight!



Lyraboat said...

Wow Geoff! That looks really good. I'm jealous of your skills.
How's Mags?

Anonymous said...

They look fab, congratulations!

No Direction said...

I understand that as part of the planning consent their will be a bus stop in the Marina, (well not actually in it), buses would then divert in from the main road.

Lesley NB Caxton said...

Geoff you have made a lovely job of those doors, the best I have seen to date, take. a bow Sir.

Carol Palin said...

Brilliant job Geoff - looks real good! I think I’vs seen that leaded pattern before except ours is coloured!

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi everyone, thanks for the kind comments. I didn't think they were THAT good!
Bob, Mags is doing really well, thanks, we reckon she'll be able to face "open water" again at the end of the month.
Ray, that'll be useful, save the 1/3 mile hike to the stop on the main road.
Carol, aye, they do look familiar, don't they! We've the same (coloured) on our front doors, too!

Tom and Jan said...

The doors look great. Have you considered a perspex panel for the opposite side?

valery said...

very nice geoff ,good news that muvver mags is fit to travel again , where are you heading when you do set off ,

Pip - nb Windsong said...

Good job Geoff! We had internal glass windows inside the side hatches put in when Windsong was built - the problem is that they're not weatherproof, and the outer doors have to be shut if it's raining - have you managed to weatherproof yours, and if so, what did you do?
Pip & Roger