Saturday, April 16, 2011

Short day, short post.

I said last weekend we’d move into summer mode and not move on Saturday or Sunday. So today we moved.

I did a bit of shopping at the new Co-op near Bridge 90, then we moved down to the junction to fill with water and empty a loo.

It was busy there, we had to queue to get onto the water point, then we had visitors while we were filling.

Mum teaching the nippers all the tricks…….

“Those big noisy things might look scary, but if you go towards them and quack, food appears….”

View of Fradley Junction from the swing bridge across the Coventry.

We swung out onto the junction in front of The Swan, then pulled onto the fuel barge at Fradley Marine Services for diesel. Ouch. 97 pence per litre. That’s the domestic rate. Propulsion fuel comes in at £1.40. Whoever said boating was cheap?

Across in front of the shop to pay. The fuel barge is on one side, the shop is on the other.

We met the 2 locks up to Shadehouse nicely. Middle Lock was empty and we just had a couple of minutes to wait for a boat to drop down Shadehouse Lock.

We pulled in on the one available slot on the moorings above the lock at around 13:00. This’ll do us till Monday now.

Still in shock after forking out £135 for ⅝ of a tank of fuel.

Still, at least it's been a nice day.

Busy day tomorrow. I’ll be up early for my morning run, then take meg out before settling down to watch the London Marathon. Then I’ll watch the replay of the Chinese Grand Prix in the afternoon. All go isn’t it!

On an unrelated topic, Guy Martin who recently co-starred with NB Reckless (The Boat That Guy Built) is in a movie….

Locks 2, miles 1½

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