Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Into Deepest Cheshire

We shoved across to the wharf at The Canal Centre above Hassall Green Locks at 09:30 this morning. We needed to replace an empty gas bottle and get a couple of bags of solid fuel to tide us over. It’s a handy spot, this, with diesel, solid fuel and gas available, alongside a small general store and café. It was another cool, overcast morning, so I’d laid and lit the fire before we got off.

There was a boat coming up the locks as we finished our business, so the first two of the day were with us.

Out of Hassall Green Bottom Lock, with the M6 running overhead.

I re-boarded for the 10 minutes cruise to the next lock, but from there on there was no point as the locks come comfortably close together.

They were built with speed in mind, so empty and fill rapidly.

Turbulence as Lock 60 empties.

You wouldn’t want to fall in there….

It's not just the ducks that've been busy....

Unfortunately we were following another boat down so had to turn the next 3 or 4 locks, but then started meeting a steady stream of craft so could swap locks as we went.

Below Malkin’s Bank, the Cheshire Plain in the background.

The last 2 chambers, above the village of Wheelock, are very close together, and Mags had to swing wide around the ex- Fellows, Morton and Clayton motorboat Dove as the 2 boats swapped over.

In the last lock above Wheelock, with NB Dove in the lock above.

This was the last of the day, too, as we pulled in on the moorings near the village.

Lighting the fire was a waste of fuel, by the time we’d moored the sun was shining and it was getting quite warm.

I had a walk to Pet Superstore just over the main road and topped up the dog food cupboard, including a bag of tripe sticks which Meg is very fond of. But they don’t half pong!

Tomorrow is another short day into Middlewich. We’re hoping to stop above King’s Lock, and to stay till Saturday. Apparently there’s something on TV on Friday that Mags wants to watch…. I guess it’ll be a trip to the chippy for tea.

Locks 10, miles 2

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