Saturday, April 09, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I think we’ll have to adopt the summer cruising profile from here on in. During the busy season we usually find somewhere quiet and out of the way on Friday afternoon, and stay put until Monday morning.

With a fine forecast this weekend, everyman and his dog seems to be on the water.

We picked up our Tesco delivery at Basin Bridge yesterday afternoon, then pushed across the canal to moor on the towpath side.

The picnic area alongside the road at the moorings is a popular spot, and we were entertained by a couple of chaps with a piano-accordion and a harmonica while we were waiting for the groceries.

Canalside duet.

Apparently they come down here on fine days, just for the fun of it. There used to be another two, with a guitar and a banjo, but “they don’t play anymore”.

We got away at around 11:00 today, the lush fields glowing in the sun.

Sunny Ashby

Most of the other bloggers have reported spotting ducklings, but we’ve not seen any until today.

Proud mum.

She’s got eight.

Through Hinckley and one of the Muskovys from the Lime Kilns pub was on the towpath preening.

Rape seed just starting to flower.

It’ll be a vivid splash of yellow in another few weeks.

We pulled over near Burton Hastings, just under 3 miles from Marston Junction.We’ll stay here tomorrow (Malaysian GP), then head down to the junction and north on the Coventry on Monday.

Locks 0, miles 5

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