Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moving on down….

We moved down the last of the Red Bull locks on Sunday after shuffling back to the wharf and topping up the water tank. We didn’t go far, just down three locks and around the corner. It’s a bit quieter there, just as many boats of course, but fewer pedestrians.

Dropping down the Red Bull Locks

Towrope roller below Lock 44.

These were fitted to protect the stonework from gritty ropes.

New gates for Lock 45 south side.

These locks, like a lot of those on “Heartbreak Hill” were duplicated to speed up traffic. This means that maintenance can be carried out on a lock chamber while the navigation remains open.

26 narrow locks in 6½ miles earned this section the nickname, although it must have been quicker when the extra chambers were added.

We watched the boats whizz past on Sunday afternoon and Monday and Meg and I had some good walks around the area.

All Saints Church, Church Lawton


Today we waited for the initial flurry of boats to die down as the early-birds got going, then set off ourselves, at around 10:45.

Down the two Church Locks

The duplicated chambers are clear to see, but unfortunately on both of these locks are not in use.

Hall’s Locks follow, with a fine brick built tail bridge across locks.

Hall’s Lock bridge.

The Lawton Treble Locks follow straight after, then there’s a short reprieve and just time for a brew before the two at Thurlwood are met.

The canal skirts the village of Rode Heath, and here we saw our first “proper” yellow duckling.

Easter chick?

From Thurlwood Bottom Lock there’s just less than a mile before the two closely spaced Pierpoint Locks, then we pulled in above Lock 57 at Hassel Green.

Pierpoint Locks.

It’s been a lot cooler today, and we even had a few spits of rain just after we’d tied up. We had a really good run, every lock was in our favour, with a couple just needing an inch or two of topping up before the gates would open. We’ll be heading down the last 10 of the 26 tomorrow, intending to stop at Wheelock.

I see the "silly season" started early this year.....

Locks 10, miles 3

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