Monday, April 11, 2011

Change in the weather.

Just like buses. As soon as you see one brood of ducklings, along comes another,

then another

Ten in this batch, a bit of a handful.

They were hanging around our mooring at hospital corner yesterday.

We were off this morning at around 10:00, heading down the last couple of miles to Marston Junction and the Coventry Canal. It’s been busy this weekend on the water, and there are still quite a few boats about today. We were caught up by one guy in a hurry as soon as we set off, then were pushed (unsuccessfully) by another in the last mile of the canal. As Charles will testify, I don’t believe in rushing!

Springtime in the cutting near Bulkington Bridge.

We turned onto the Coventry, closely followed by our impatient friend, heading for Nuneaton.

Out onto the Coventry.

He turned left, towards Hawkesbury, so I’m sure he wound the revs on as soon as he could.

Meanwhile we pottered along past all the allotments.

At either end of the town the left bank of the canal is fringed with amateur gardener’s efforts.

They like their fresh veg in Nuneaton!

Busy Boot Wharf, home of Starline Boats

Normally coming through here we expect to be slalom-ing around three-piece suites, fridges and TVs. The denizens of the area seem to think the canal is a handy dump. But today we only spotted two shopping trollies and one pushchair. Very disappointing. I‘d like to think that the message has finally sunk in (gettit?), but it’s more likely that BW have had a rubbish hopper along here recently.

Here’s one that Tesco won’t want back….

Leaving the town behind the canal runs along the side of the hill, in open country.

It looks bucolic, but over the brow on the left is a disused quarry, and down in the valley is a busy railway line.

You can see the grey clouds rolling in now, after a fine sunny morning.

Past Springwood Haven, Valley Cruisers’ hire base.

To the point!

We pulled in at Hartshill, just past the British Waterways maintenance yard.

Hartshill Yard.

We’d just got sat down with a brew when the wind got up and those grey clouds let go with a vengeance. Half an hour of heavy showers reminded us that we’re still in early April. The sun has come out again, now.

Locks 0, miles 8

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